The President's Circle

Bringing the community together through philanthropy 

The President's Circle at Columbus State brings together individuals in central Ohio who understand that by working together to support our students, we strengthen our entire community. At Columbus State we offer life-changing opportunities that enable students to build a stronger future and change the trajectory of their families for generations.

We invite you to join the President's Circle by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

Join the President's Circle

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Current Members

Thank you to those already making a difference in our community

  • Dr. Jennifer L. Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Chip and Elizabeth Appelbaum
  • Dr. Michael Babb
  • Dawn and Robert Barkley  
  • Pam and Curt Bishop
  • Kent Bowen
  • Rosetta R. Brown  
  • Dr. Rebecca Butler
  • George and Cathy Cleary  
  • Dr. Jack Cooley
  • Mark Corna  
  • Sandra Doyle-Ahern
  • Dennis Duchene  
  • Kevin M. Edwards
  • Thomas Fitzpatrick
  • Terri and David Gehr
  • Dr. Jen Gilbride-Brown
  • Kate and Pat Giller  
  • Donna Goss
  • Michael and Rita Grogan
  • Andrew and Sally Hackett  
  • Josh Harrison and Jess Fleming
  • Jill Hawley
  • Joann Hensley
  • William and Trisha Jordan  
  • Margaret Kelley 
  • Tim and Cindy Kelley  
  • Shane and Rachel Kirby
  • Allen and Laura Kraus
  • Jessica Lickeri
  • Anne Lopez-Walton
  • Sue Lusk-Gleich  
  • Susan Mahler
  • Ernie Malas  
  • Dr. Martin and Mrs. Kathryn Maliwesky
  • Steven Meier  
  • Rob Messinger
  • Tyler Michaels
  • David and Marlene Miller  
  • William Moberger  
  • Dan Moncrief
  • Jonathan and Montra Moody
  • Jon Norstrom
  • Ann and Ron Pizzuti
  • Carol and John Ricks  
  • Therace M. Risch
  • Cornell and Jill Robertson
  • Tim and Jane Robinson
  • Gloria M. Rogiers
  • Charles J. Ruma
  • David and Kathleen Sarver
  • Scott W. Schiff  
  • Aletha M. Shipley
  • Dwight and Renée Smith 
  • Jim and Cindy Smith
  • Paul L. Smith, Jr.
  • Dr. Michael Snider
  • Scott and Alecia Solomon
  • Jeffery Spain
  • Ernie and Libby Sparks
  • Michael W. Squires
  • Ron Stokes  
  • Greg and Patricia Tacchetti
  • Douglas and Darian Torrance
  • Katy and Matt Trombitas
  • Debra Ubry
  • Linda Wallingford
  • Kevin and Constance Walsh
  • Cassandra Martin-Weiler and James M. Weiler
  • Robert J. Weiler, Sr.
  • Skip and Linda Weiler
  • Steven and Mary Weiler
  • Wendy Weiler and Mike Dwyer
  • Kelly Weir
  • Joshua Wickham and Jenelle See
  • Ronald and Lisa Wilson  
  • Skip and Karen Yassenoff
  • Brian and Mandi Yeager
  • Pat and Tonia Yoakam
  • Charles and Mary Zebula