The President's Circle

The President's Circle at Columbus State brings together individuals in Central Ohio who understand that by working together to support our students, we strengthen our entire community. At Columbus State we offer life-changing opportunities that enable students to choose their future and change the trajectory of their families for generations.

We invite you to join the President's Circle by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

Your gift will provide critical resources that make an immediate impact where it matters most. Please join us in changing the life of a student and our community.

Join the President's Circle

For more information email us at

Membership Benefits

  • The opportunity to change the life of a student.

Current Members

  • Nicholas Akins
  • Dr. Jennifer Anderson
  • Dr. Michael Babb
  • Julie Barry
  • Pam Bishop
  • Brad Brown
  • Rosetta Brown
  • Dr. Rebecca Butler
  • Gary Callicoat
  • Joe Chenelle
  • Dr. Jack Cooley
  • Jamie Crane and Tim Miller
  • Tom Currie
  • Steve Dackin
  • Dennis Duchene
  • Brian Ferrier
  • Brian Froehlich
  • Scott Griffin
  • Dr. Thomas A. Habegger
  • Andy Hackett
  • Kimberly Hall
  • Lana Hillebrand
  • Dale Heydlauff
  • Bill Jordan
  • Jackie Jenkins
  • William* and Gail Johannes
  • Keith B. Key
  • Allen Kraus
  • Kevin Krumm
  • Shane Kirby
  • Dr. Michael Leymaster
  • Jessica Lickeri
  • Anne Lopez-Walton
  • Michael Lusk
  • Martin Maliwesky
  • David Miller
  • Anglea Neumann
  • Desiree Polk-Bland
  • Dianne Radigan
  • Dr. Regina Randall
  • David Rife
  • Gloria Rogiers
  • Rich Rosen

    * denotes deceased
  • Joseph Schindler
  • Linda and Wes Shinn
  • Aman Singh and Michelle Brown
  • Aletha Shipley
  • Heather and Michael Smith
  • Jim Smith
  • Paul L. Smith, Jr.
  • Dr. Michael Snider
  • Jeffrey Spain
  • Katherine Struve
  • Greg Tacchetti
  • Robert Tannous
  • Jim Taylor
  • Poe Timmons
  • Dr. Douglas E. Torrance
  • Marcellus Upshaw
  • Todd Warner
  • Archie Williamson
  • Christopher Weber
  • Skip Weiler
  • Steven Weiler
  • Kelly Weir
  • Charles Zebula